Our Programing Delight Radio

The women, aged, churches, disabled, orphans and youths are an important stakeholder groups. We strive to put on air various programs that aim to inform and equip these groups on skills, business opportunity and on how they can become effective agents of change within the areas that is serviced by the media house.

Delight Kwitonta Programs

  • ShimikaA radio drama series that highlights the norms of rural life and how residents cope with everyday life.
  • Story TimeStory Reading from local language novels with a dramatic twist and effect targeted at school children.
  • AmatebetoA local cooking show that focuses on preparations of local cuisine and delicacy.
  • BanachimbusaLessons from elders regarding marriage, family values and traditional norms around the community.
  • Sports Round UpCatch Up with weekly sports results from local leagues to international in various sports disciplines
  • Local Music ShowDedicated to only the local sounds from around Muchinga and surrounding areas

Our philosophy is to inform, educate and entertain

The public correctly at all times. We will strive to verify the content before putting it up for broadcast. We will also ensure to create a panel of credible sources of content to build on our reputation as a premier broadcaster