Avoid politicizing ZAMPHIA survey – MusambaPosted by On

Chinsali. February 28, 2020, ZANIS —Senior Statistician, Chibesa Musamba says the Zambia Population HIV Assessment (ZAMPHIA) should not be perceived as a duplication of the latest Zambia Demographic Health Survey (ZDHS) report.

Mr Musamba said those who want to politicise the ZAMPHIA survey are being unfair to the majority Zambians.

The purpose of conducting ZAMPHIA survey is to probe further specifically on HIV using various prevalence and find a way forward, explained the Senior Statistician.

He was responding to questions during plenary session on the ZAMPHIA sensitisation meeting held at the Chinsali Council Chambers.

Some participants sought clarification on why ZAMPHIA programme should be undertaken instead of using the report from the 2018 ZDHS report while others felt ZAMPHIA is a political instigated programme.

In response, Mr Musamba clarified that it is not the first time that Zambia is undertaking ZAMPHIA survey as it was in line with the UN requirements for any country and to benefit from HIV donor support.

And speaking during the same function, Provincial Health Director, Nerol Chilembo called on all well-meaning Zambians to support the survey so that the Ministry can plan for the future and be able to monitor the adherence to HIV treatment. 

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